Our Board of Directors

Commodore – John Wait

Director / Treasurer – Garth McGilvray

Director / General Manager – Richard Hinton

Director – Michael “Charlie” Hauville

Director- Tammy Mills-Thom

Director - Doug Gayford



MISSION STATEMENT – Our mission is to upgrade the facilities and increase support for ocean water sports for the Coffs Harbour Region and Northern NSW. The objectives are to have a thriving safe sailing school with a calendar of Regatta events for dinghy and keel boats, manage major water sports events and functions for the community and members.

VISION STATEMENT – Our Vision is to be the number one sustainable community venue for water sports on North Coast of NSW.


Supporting the community to grow

Investing locally

Developing people, particularly indigenous, disadvantaged and youth

Fundraising to support sailing and other water sports



AGM Minutes 2020 - Draft