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Coffs Harbour Yacht Club has keelboat (yacht) and off the beach sailing available.106662620_3050884814989859_1685401145244848679_n

Twilight racing series are held each Thursday during daylight savings with the unique location treating sailors to both the sheltered harbour and open water environments.


Should you gain the opportunity to sail and have no Sailing Membership, you can apply for a SailPass which provides membership for the days you intend to sail. The first 3 days are free and further 7 days $10.00 per day for a total of 10 days sailing under SailPass which provides insurance coverage and use of club facilities.



Some limited spots are available for crewing at Coffs Harbour.

Contact the club at  and we will put you in touch with skippers for opportunities to crew on a boat.

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We are now accredited as a Discover Sailing Centre.279375033_352058570351677_6834859001390852046_n

Most of the best sailors in the world began their careers in dinghies. Being at the helm and trimming your sails provides an unmatched ‘seat of the pants’ experience which is greatly enhanced by learning the technical and safety aspects of controlling a sailboat.

As a Discover Sailing Centre, we have the capability to deliver Start Sailing 1 and Start Sailing 2 Dinghy Courses and Discover Sailing Experience in dinghies. Start Sailing courses will give you a basic understanding of how a sailboat works and the skills to rig, launch, and handle a dinghy on the water. All using club boats and equipment.

A great introduction to sailing, Start Sailing 1 and 2 is a cost-effective way to learn to sail and become familiar with what the sport of sailing has to offer. You will find that sailing is NOT expensive or elitist, but a family-oriented sport that can be enjoyed at any age.


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Coffs Harbour Yacht Club is now an approved Active Kids Provider. Parents, guardians and carers can apply for an Active Kids Voucher towards our courses to the value of $100 per calendar year, for each school enrolled child.
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As an affiliate club of Australian Sailing, we maintain our SAILING MEMBERSHIPS through Revsport.

There are various membership levels. If you're uncertain which relates to you, contact the club. Otherwise CLICK HERE.




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For more information on Australian Sailing Programs see the Australian Sailing ‘Discover Sailing’ Website:

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